Scientific coverage of climate change can change minds — in a nutshell

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A new study suggests that scientific reporting on climate change is leading Americans to adopt more accurate beliefs and support government action on the issue, but those gains are fragile. Researchers have found that these subtle beliefs quickly fade and can be eroded when people are exposed to skeptical coverage of … Read more

Diet recommendations based on DNA

Instructions for what to eat? When the human genome was first sequenced, some people optimistically assumed that we now (or soon know) all about human genes and would be able to predict who would develop a disease and describe what each individual should do to ensure the best possible health. These expectations were not fulfilled. … Read more

Experts say resist the urge to “rescue” young wild animals

Raleigh, North Carolina – As spring approaches, wildlife officials are urging residents to resist the urge to take in, move, or even feed the young animals that might otherwise occur in the wild. When people venture outside into nature or even their home gardens, some may encounter baby rabbits, veld or fledgling birds mistakenly believed … Read more

Strategies to bridge the huge gap –

Health insurance is necessary to reduce the financial burden of purchasing health care by pooling funds and sharing the risks of unexpected health events. Risk-sharing mechanisms are particularly important in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) where most countries allocate insufficient resources to health care and most health care, including medicines, is out-of-pocket funded. In Africa, 27 out … Read more

Never take this after the age of 50, experts warned – don’t eat this

age Important when it comes to taking certain medications and Supplements. according to US Food and Drug Administration “As you age, physical changes can affect the way medications are absorbed and used. For example, changes in your digestive system can affect how quickly medications enter your bloodstream. Changes in body weight can affect how much … Read more

Dog Show 101: What’s in the Westminster Kennel Club | Health, medicine and fitness

By Jennifer Peltz – The Associated Press TARIETOWN, New York (AP) – Thousands of dogs began competing Monday for the award for best in show at the popular Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. To the casual viewer, the annual show of dapper handlers who lead polite dogs around the ring may seem like a somewhat … Read more

Former US ambassador says raising tariffs on China can lower inflation

Former US ambassador David Adelman said removing tariffs on imported Chinese goods would strip 1% of US inflation over time and restore confidence in the economy, which could help President Joe Biden at the ballot box. “Inflation will be the number one issue in the November US midterm elections,” Adelman told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on … Read more