Ole Miss Basketball Recruiting Tracker: Rebels target Emerging Florida Prospect Burks

College basketball is approaching that special time of the year, so it’s never too early to look forward to the next wave of top pro players entering the game. From an Ole Miss’s perspective, the unbalanced 2021-22 season will emphasize the hiring needs of Kermit Davis and the company throughout the extended period of the … Read more

Giants bring the new ‘Dirtbag’ mentality to the offensive

Let’s call them “Frenchy, Dirtbag and the Crew” for now. Perhaps one day, if all goes according to plan, an organic nickname will appear. This is the latest incarnation of the Giants’ offensive line, which included in Thursday training left goalkeeper Shane “Frenchy” Lemieux and center John “Dirtbag” Feliciano – Nicknames created by coach Bobby … Read more

Gordon: Bill Laimbeer leaves a lasting legacy with WNBA, Aces

It sat near the baseline Thursday night rather than the sideline. In a white checkered golf shirt, jeans and sneakers instead of your traditional training apparel. Instructions to the player. A word for an official. Not a single reaction to a terrible call. Just a celebratory smile after a 93-87 aces win over the Minnesota … Read more

The Brazilian Amazon has been a net carbon emitter since 2016

Rapid deforestation outpaces carbon sequestration by remaining trees meF It was rainforest The respiratory system of the Earth, the Amazon will be a full lung. The region includes half of the undisturbed tropical forests. Its plants absorb 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO .).2) per year, equivalent to 4% of emissions from fossil fuels. … Read more

Dust storms on Mars happen when the planet can’t release its heat fast enough

Mars is notorious for seasonal dust storms, which can sometimes grow to encompass the entire planet. In June 2018, dust storms so intensified that they obscured most of the planet’s surface, causing NASA to lose contact with them. opportunity, which eventually proved fatal to the record-breaking rover. Understanding these storms and their causes is critical … Read more

Here is the outcome of the hearings in the US Congress on the “unidentified air phenomenon”

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The United States Congress recently held a hearing on US government information related Unspecified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAPs). The last such investigation took place over 50 years ago, as part of an investigation by the US Air Force blue book projectwhich examined reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (note the change in … Read more

Hugh McDevitt, whose work revealed genetic controls of the immune system, dies at 91 | News Center

Hugh McDevitt, MD, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford College of Medicine Who revealed genetic controls for the immune system, died April 28 in Stanford, California, from pneumonia and sepsis. He was 91 years old. McDevitt was a dynamic leader and a pillar Department of Microbiology and ImmunologyAccording to his colleagues, who added … Read more