Stay Invested During Ups And Downs To Reap Profits | personal financing

(Alexander Gutierrez) A friend texted me a couple of weeks ago after another week of declines in the US markets. Anxiety and fear of recession escalated, and he wanted to know how to deal with fluctuations. “What should I do?” I sent a text message. Soon we were talking about the importance stay invested (If … Read more

When to Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage can offer many benefits under the right circumstances. You may be able to lower your interest rate, pay off your loan faster, or take cash from your home. Refinancing may not make sense if you plan to move soon or if your credit score has worsened. Download Something is loading. If you … Read more

How to Stay Invested in the Rough Market Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Chuck Salita) Thanks in part for the hike Inflation and the risk of stagflationIt has been difficult to invest in stocks so far this year. However, most challenging markets bring with them the seeds for the next recovery, and chances are that this recovery will happen as well. The challenge, however, is that by the … Read more

Social Security: This is the income you need to earn the maximum benefit | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Katie Brockman) There are many factors that go into calculating the amount of Social Security benefits, but your income throughout your career is probably the most important. Your earnings will determine the amount of the basic benefit, or the amount you will receive if you apply for Social Security on full retirement age (FRA). The … Read more