New Star Wars Releases: What’s Coming in 2022 and Beyond

star Wars In a very strange place now. Disney has already completed its own Skywalker trilogy And this book closed on that story, but still there Tons of Star Wars Projects Somewhere on the way to theaters and broadcast. Disney’s upcoming Star Wars collection spans as far back as the High Republic and might pass … Read more

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Night Sky review: Cozy and cozy sci-fi with lots of padding

Erin and Franklin York look a lot like older couples. They stay on top of each other about following doctor’s orders, joke about their complex daily intake of pills, and when the mood is right, put on some Sam Cooke and dance in the living room, just like in the old days. In short, it’s … Read more

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Dan Fogelman Breaks The Train, The Final Conversation Series – Deadline

brake alert: The story includes details about the May 17 episode of this is us“the train.” It was shown Monday night at the Landmark Theater as part of Deadline Awards Show Seriesfollowed by a Q&A produced by the series’ creator and CEO Dan Fogelman. You can watch a two-part video, in which he explains “Train” … Read more

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‘Star Wars’ Series ‘Grammar Rodeo’ Comes to Disney Plus, and the Future of Franchise’s Television

I became Disney + Star Wars channelnew look Vanity Fair Cover story charting the future of the insurgency. While streamer announced the next series as AndorAnd AhsokaAnd The Mandalorian Season three, we’ve gotten quite a bit about actual descriptions of these creations – so far. The biggest news, by far, was the announcement of a … Read more