Ante Ranta foils former Rangers companions to steal game 1

RALLY, NC – This was the goalkeeper who pushed Henrik Lundqvist off the bench for four straight games in the middle of the 2016-17 season, when nothing like this had happened before. It was the goalkeeper who introduced himself to Rangerstown on the first day of training camp in 2015 by assuring everyone that he … Read more

Flyers coach nominees: John Tortorella

During May and possibly even June, we will be looking at potential candidates for the position of Head of Training at Flyers. “We’re going to sit down and try to build that perfect candidate profile and really keep all the options open, and maybe look at it from a slightly broader perspective,” Publications’ general manager, … Read more

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You must face the real penguins after a long and wonderful run

It was time – much later, really – for the Penguins of Pittsburgh to acknowledge what had become apparent to many a few years ago. This team is not a viable Stanley Cup competitor. Not even close. Hasn’t been since 2018. Maybe 2019, if one wants to be charitable. Oh, he’s probably had a little … Read more

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