Why is open access to the ACM digital library important

This is part one of a three-part series on the history of association. Please pay attention to read future articles. The computing industry has changed dramatically over the past 75 years, and the Computing Machinery Association has been around for all this time. During that time, the educational and scientific group representing nearly 100,000 members … Read more

Swoop Aero gets green light from Australian Aviation Authority for UAV Center

Written by Amy Chanthadavong, Senior journalist Aimee Chantadavong Senior Journalist Since earning a degree in journalism, Amy has had her fair share of covering various topics, including business, retail, manufacturing, and travel. She continues to expand her repertoire as a tech journalist with ZDNet. Full CV Photo: Swoop Aero Drone company Swoop Aero has been … Read more

How to perform a factory data recovery on macOS

Written by Jack Wallen, Contributing writer Jack Wallen is a contributing writer Jack Wallen is what happens when a General Elixir’s mind confuses with the grunt of the day. Jack is a seeker of truth and word writer with a quantum mechanical pencil and a disjointed pulse of voice and soul. Full CV employment May … Read more

7 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Unsure of what the cloud is or how it can benefit your business? Don’t worry: we have covered everything you need to know about cloud computing. When I was working at Apple, my clients constantly asked me to explain what the cloud is. They’ve seen “iCloud” on their device and don’t really understand what it’s … Read more

Quantum Sputnik moment

When people think of high-tech competition with China, they usually think of space. But while moon landings and Mars missions may capture the competitive imagination, there is a larger, but less appreciated, technology race underway: quantum computing. This has major implications for national security: A quantum computing-assisted cyber attack against the United States could be … Read more