College basketball teams with the most draft picks in the first round of the NBA

Since the start of the NBA draft in 1947, about 1,500 players have been drafted into the first round. About 90 percent of these players came from a Division I school. Chances are, if you picked one at random, they wore blue in college.

The 2022 NBA draft is set for Thursday, June 23. Last year, the Detroit Pistons led last night drafting Oklahoma state sensation Kid Cunningham as the first overall pick. It is the highest pick in Cowboy basketball history and The first time since Bob Fenimore in 1947 that an Oklahoma State athlete scored first overall in a professional draft.

In 2020, Georgia star Anthony Edwards finished first in the Minnesota Timberwolves. Edwards was the first UGA player to go to first overall and pick the Bulldogs in the first round.

Here’s how the top 20 schools stack up in the 2022 Draft:

College basketball teams with the most NBA first-round draft picks

Rank College conspiracy First round picks
1 Kentucky SEC 55
2 North Carolina ACC 53
3 duke ACC 49
4 University of California Buck 12 39
5 kansas big 12 33
6 Michigan big ten 28
7 Indiana big ten 26
8 Arizona Buck 12 24
8 Louisville Atlantic coast 24
8 Syracuse Atlantic coast 24
11 Ohio State big ten 23
12 Michigan State big ten 21
12 Connecticut Great East 21
14 Notre Dame ACC 20
14 Maryland big ten 20
16 Georgia Tech ACC 19
16 Texas big 12 19
18 Alabama SEC 17
18 Tennessee SEC 17
20 North Carolina ACC 16
20 LSU SEC 16
20 Minnesota big ten 16
20 St. John’s (New York) Great East 16

No big surprises there. The top 10 schools account for more than half of the NCAA tournaments alone.

Since 1947, 70 of the top overall selections have come from NCAA Division I schools. Two have come from outside, and three from high school.

No school saw more #1 picks than Duke, who saw four.

Duke’s four are Art Heyman (1963, New York Knicks), Elton Brand (1999, Chicago Bulls), Kyrie Irving (2011, Cleveland Cavaliers) and Zion Williamson (2019, New Orleans Pelicans).

In all, at least one 46 schools were selected as the top ones.

Here are the top school rankings:

Rank College conspiracy #1 overall shots
1 duke ACC 4
2 Kentucky SEC 3
3 North Carolina ACC 2
3 University of California Buck 12 2
3 kansas big 12 2
3 Indiana big ten 2
3 Michigan big ten 2
3 Maryland big ten 2
3 UNLV Mountain West 2
3 George Town Great East 2
3 Utah Buck 12 2
3 Houston AAC 2
3 Cincinnati AAC 2
3 Bordeaux big ten 2
3 Kansas State big 12 2
3 West Virginia big 12 2
3 UTEP USA Conference 2
3 Duquen Atlantic 10 2

Your second-place finish in North Carolina in overall picks, and a Duke with the most picks, should guide you through which conference reigns supreme in the NBA draft.

During 2020, the Atlantic Coast Conference had an impressive 275 drafted players in the first round, nearly 20 percent of all Division I drafted players. The Big Ten, Pac-12, and SEC are just behind the ACC.

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