Discovery Center at Waters Edge hosts first Magic of Science and family festival – Baltimore Sun

The Discovery Center at Water’s Edge, an interactive science center where visitors of all ages can experience hands-on science and technology, welcomed more than 2,000 participants on June 11 for its first Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival. The event was held in the TUNE building at Harvard Community College.

“if [the] Because the people and resources at APG make such events possible,” said Curtis Beulah, Harford County Council member for District F. Aberdeen Proving Ground in our backyard.

Beulah submitted to the Discovery Center Board an announcement from the county executive director’s office in recognition of the event for uniting the outstanding STEM community – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – education opportunities for the citizens of Harford County.

The free event included a day of interactive activities and exploration for learners of all ages, from infants to adults, including a regional science fair for middle school students, a family festival, a Discovery Zone play area, a petting zoo, hands-on science experiments, drone races, artists and tech talks Big and small robotic challenges, food trucks and more.

Interactive exhibits included balancing a rocket using sensors, entering a virtual reality world, extracting DNA, investigating a puzzle machine, directing the flow to prevent flooding, making and building bricks, solving problems with items in a junk staircase, examining insect diversity with microscopes and growing sunflowers .

The Middle School Regional Science Fair featured 21 projects and they were reviewed by 20 judges. Three students were honored with first class honors, three students with honors and 25 combined honors. Best in Class award winners are:

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Sixth grade: Spencer Tucker-Jones, Patterson Mill Middle School, kite design;

Seventh grade: Scott Campbell, Patterson Mill Middle School, Background Radiation Cloud Room;

Grade 8: Lucas Baumhart, New Testament Christian School, Factors Affecting Seismic Waves.

The Discovery Center at Water’s Edge also presented the mascot, Rosalind, named after Rosalind Franklin, the British chemist who did pioneering research in DNA.

“Based on the Science Fair and Activities being involved in the Family Fest, this will definitely be an annual event,” said Charlie Nietobics, Head of Discovery Center at Waters Edge. “We will do this every year. Our children need this; they are the key to the future of STEM. This is the first successful public initiative on our journey to develop the long-awaited Discovery Center at Water’s Edge where we can encourage people of all ages to explore, play, innovate and discover.”

The Discovery Center at Water’s Edge will be a 35,000-square-foot facility serving 100,000 visitors each year, and is expected to open by 2026. The Discovery Center will offer after-school programs, spaces for makers, and will serve as an anchor for the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas of area activities.

Phase one will be a 5,000 square foot inspection center at the Water’s Edge complex in Belcamp. The second phase will lead to the opening of an operational discovery center of 10,000 square feet, expected to serve more than 55,000 visitors each year, and at a cost of approximately $4.5 million. Phase 3 will expand the center to 35,000 square feet.