Drew Krebs: Annual Review and Outlook for 2022

Photo: Medicine Hat Tigers

Next up on our site Annual forecast review and forecast The series is Drew Krebs, the defensive man for the Medicine Hat Tigers in the Western Hockey League (WHL). (You can access all capitals odds reports and player analytics on the Prospects page in the top menu or right over here.)

vital elements

Krebs, 19, is a 6′-0-inch left-handed defenseman from Okotoks, Alberta. The Capitals selected the Crips in the fifth round (the 176th pick overall) of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. It is still not signed by the capitals.

Career Summary

Krebs was followed by his two older brothers, Dakota and betonin hockey. While his older brother, Dakota, was never drafted, he was familiar with the draft due to the experience of his brother, Peyton, who eventually picked the Vegas Golden Knights 17th overall in 2019.

Peyton played in four games for Vegas, but spent most of the 2020-21 season with the Henderson Silver Knights. His brother, Dakota, played five seasons of junior hockey in the Western Hockey League. He signed a player trial contract with the Toronto Marlies but did not get a regular job at the AHL. His older sister Madison is a singer and songwriter.

Dru Kebs played for the Under 18 AAA team in the Alberta Midget Hockey League (AMHL) in his hometown of Okotoks in 2018-19, where he played 34 games, scored one goal and scored 18 assists.

Krebs made his WHL debut in the 2019-20 season, playing 55 regular season games and scoring three goals and 10 assists. During the 2020-21 season, Krebs scored 11 assists in 23 games for the Medicine Hat Tiger.

Krebs attended the Capitals Camp at the end of September 2021, and participated in the main training camp in the capital. It was Returned to Medicine Hat Tiger on September 28. The Tigers have struggled all season, with Krebs ending their campaign in 2021-22 by -58 in plus/minus. It was very difficult to gauge Garen Björklund Krebs and his would-be teammates, in terms of their performances in the 11 games we watched this past season.

Krebs joined teammate Garin Bjorklund in reporting to Hershey after the Medicine Hat season wrapped up on Friday, April 15. Bjorklund and Krebs signed amateur trial agreements with the Bears and we were officially released from the agreement a week later.

Summary and analysis of trends from 2021 to 2022 per month

Below is a compilation of Drew Cripps’ monthly odds reports for the 2021-2022 season. You can find all of our monthly lead reports athorizonsin the top menu.

Krebs attended Future Camp at Capitals at the end of September and participated in the main training camp in the capital. It was Returned to Medicine Hat Tiger on September 28. Krebs scored his first goal of the season on October 23 against the Edmonton Oil Kings.

For the season, Krebs has no goal and no assist in the 11 games he’s played and is -5. Once again, Medicine Hat has been struggling this season.

Direction: the same

Dan Baker, the only tiger on the Blue Line, and Crips have been the best pairs of tigers all season. Becker was asked about playing with Crips. “I love playing with Dru, he’s a great skater and gets back on the pucks really fast, which makes my job so easy,” Becker said. “It was an easy transition to play with and we’re improving as we stay here so we’ll keep building.”

For the month of November, Krebs had no goals and made one in nine games. This season he has a goal and assist in 20 games he has played and is -16 on the ice. He shot the disc 24 times at 4.2%.

Once again, the Medicine Hat has been terrible this season, ending the month in 12-game losing streak, so some of that may affect Krebs’ performance. However, we watched several of his matches and his game was choppy at best at this point. Lots of unintended errors, but that’s to be expected. He must improve his discus and board fighting technique, and it will.

Direction: the same

It’s been another quiet month for Krebs, offensively, as there were no goals and only four assists in the 10 games he played. He scored the majority of his passes at the end of the month.

Defensively, he appears to be playing a consistent game in the three games we saw in December, although Medicine Hat’s overall difficulties play into the analysis. It was -8 in December and was minus 22 for the season in 29 games.

He’s starting consistent games and getting good experience, but at this point he won’t be ready to report to Hershey in the fall. That can change with a solid spring.

Direction: the same

The Tigers were allowed to resume team activities on January 10 after they temporarily suspended the WHL along with 13 other teams on December 7 due to the pandemic.

Krebs received the assist to the winner of the Tiger game in their first match on December 12 against Brandon. Score a goal on January 15

Krebs scored a goal and assist in nine games in January. He scored two goals and seven assists in 37 matches. He shot the disc 56 times with a 3.5% shot rate.

Direction: the same

The Crips and the Tigers visited the Edmonton Oil Kings first-place finisher in Edmonton on February 13, where the Crips achieved two impressive sets in the competition. He started scoring 10 minutes into the match with a match that started in his area.

Krebs maneuvered the disc between his legs to rock an opponent. He then crossed his teammate’s wing and started his dash towards the goal where he received a pass which he turned away from the score.

Tonight’s second crepes tally began with a frozen disk along the wall. He drove to the net and went to the short side, beating the goalkeeper with a backhand kick.

Krebs’ efforts weren’t enough as the Tigers fell to the Oil Kings 5-3, dropping their record to 9-29-3-1 on the season. Tiger assistant coach Joe Fraser said it was good to see Krebs being rewarded with points on the scoresheet.

“He’s been a bit of a snake this year but he’s one of our most hardworking on and off the ice every day,” Fraser said. “So it’s good to see him rewarded.”

Krebs, who was named the game’s second superstar, said he couldn’t complain about his scoring, saying that scoring is one of the best feelings in the world. Krebs said he felt more confident during the Tigers’ last two games.

“Today I was able to perform, but it’s always fun, and scoring definitely puts an extra leap in your step,” Krebs said.

It was his first multi-goal game in his WHL career. He said the defeat gives them more confidence against a team like Edmonton.

“After a closer match, it makes you feel like if we play that way against more teams than we’re going to win more games,” Krebs said. “I think that’s what you get away with in this game.”

Offensively, Krebs has scored four goals and 10 assists in 47 games played so far this season. It’s -34, but again, that’s a subpar Medicine Hat team. He looked solid in the two games we watched in February.

Direction: the same

Offensively, Krebs had another quiet month for Medicine Hat, without goals and four assists in 13 games. For the season, he has four goals and 14 assists in the 59 games he played. He shot the disc 81 times for a 4.9% rate of fire, which just wouldn’t cut it.

Defensively, the Crips are a massive 45- but then again, the Medicine Hat has been absolutely terrible this season. Krebs demonstrated responsible play and sound zone exit in the matches we saw in March, but the team’s level of play still overshadowed the problem and hampered his development/analysis. Let’s hope Krebs get a change of scenery for next season.

Direction: the same

Krebs joined teammate Garin Bjorklund in reporting to Hershey after the Medicine Hat season wrapped up on Friday, April 15. Bjorklund and Krebs signed amateur trial agreements with the Bears and we were officially released from the agreement a week later.

For the season, Krebs finished with four goals and 15 assists in 66 games played by the poor and porous Tigers. Defensively, Krebs has been a staggering 58 of the season, once again, on the poor Medicine Hat.

It’s been a challenge this season trying to measure both Bj√∂rklund and Krebs, as the team has been poor. It’s likely the reason they both were called up to Hershey at the end of the season, so the Capitals management can get a better sense of their development over the past nine months.

Direction: the same

player prediction

Krebs will likely return to Medicine Hat for his fourth and final season in the CHL. He will need to use the season to develop and prepare for a potential move to Hershey for the 2023-24 season. Ideally, the Capitals would transfer Cripps to another team in the final year of their CHL/WHL eligibility.

By John Sorenson