Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Release date, trailers, and more

Perhaps the last part of the long-running compilation of Final Fantasy 7which follows the odd naming convention for Alternating current for children coming B.C.E. for Before the crisis, CC for the essence of the crisis, And the Capital for the national anthem of Cerberus, make it Final Fantasy 7: crisis ever (EC), which is what you would expect to be a true remake of the original game. unlike remake, This retelling is more comprehensive and fulfilling, at least in terms of the original game, than we got before. Outside of the new trilogy, this title aims to bring all the elements of collecting into one package.

remake It was many people’s first taste of the world and characters Final Fantasy 7 And it inspired a lot of people to come back and learn about the original content. As it turns out, there’s a lot to go back and catch up with, and some, like Before crisiseven in the West. Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever Aims to give whoever wants full Final Fantasy 7 Better understanding experience remake and sequences in one convenient package. Get ready for a whole host of turn-based battles as we run through everything we know Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever.

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Zach talks to Angel.

When Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever First revealed, we know it’ll be released sometime in 2022, but the latest news is that there will also be closed beta testing sometime in 2022. They don’t have an exact date yet.

It should also be noted that Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever It will be released occasionally. We don’t know how many parts it will be released in, although Square Enix claims that each chapter will be released on a monthly schedule – so just know this will be an ongoing project to keep up.


Teva is about to use Somersault.

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever It will be a mobile exclusive title, which means you will need either an Android or iOS device. At this time, Square Enix has not shared any plans to port the game to any other platform, but we can always hope that the game will be released in full.

The game will be free but of course features in-app purchases of some kind. We don’t know what this stuff is just yet, but hopefully it’s not as predatory as many other big franchise mobile games.


trailer for Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever It was shown during the series’ 25th anniversary celebration that begins with the “Another Possibility to Remake” streak.

The trailer starts with some scenes that switch between different games Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever Will cover, mostly appear Zack from The essence of the crisis And a cloud from the original title. We take a closer look at the game’s new art style, which is somewhere in between the original blocky chibi. Final Fantasy 7 The models and their most detailed combat models. There are also cartoon-style images of each character that appear during the dialogue.

However, as in the original version, during combat, the game can raise the quality to nearly remake Character detail levels and their effects.

The trailer continues to feature snippets of other key moments from The essence of the crisis And the original, which heavily features Sephiroth and also cuts to his iconic scene in the Nibelheim fires with either a new character with short silver hair or perhaps another version of Spehiroth himself. We know that this game will add new scenarios, which means this could be a hint at scenarios where we see a smaller Sephiroth.

In total, the trailer doesn’t really need to stir up the story much because most people will know at least some of it. However, the trailer only shows sections of The essence of the crisis And the first parts of Final Fantasy 7. We know that the goal of Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever is to retell the entire collection of the series in chronological order, so showing these early games makes sense, but technically, before the crisis It’s the first collecting game in the timeline, and we haven’t seen anything that looks like it’s from this one. This Japan-exclusive mobile-only title focuses on the Turks, the secretive Shinra group that fights against an avalanche before Barrett and the others join, despite their backs.

next will be the essence of the crisis, Following Zack on his quest to become a Soldier Show Champion. The main antagonist of this game, which is very likely to be important in the future of this game or remake The trilogy, Genesis, is another first-class soldier that was also created as part of the Jenova project as Sephiroth. Unlike Sephiroth, Genesis is a type G soldier, referring to his mother from Gillian, while Sephiroth’s mother is Lucrecia. Of course, we will also get a new version of this game that is sure to change events, specifically the ending.

This game leads directly to final fantasy 7, Which we don’t want to spoil here.

Trace chronologically Final Fantasy 7 is the movie children coming Which will be translated into a game for the first time. This movie focuses on the fallout from everything since the first game, with Cloud and several people suffering from a new disease called geostigma as a result of Sephiroth’s disruption of the lifestyle. Three new opponents, Fragments of Sephiroth, appear in an attempt to find Jenova’s head and remake Sephiroth.

Finally, the last game on the timeline is often forgotten (for good reason) The national anthem of Cerberus. This game puts you in control of Vincent, an optional party member Final Fantasy 7 The former Turk. This game is a third-person shooter that focuses on Vincent who is facing a new group of soldiers calling themselves Deepground. They intend to summon the last weapon called the Omega to wipe out all life on this planet.


The cloud is preparing to attack.

directly, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever It appears to be the most faithful remake of the original game. We see movement across the maps in the aforementioned chibi style, with mostly fixed camera angles that sometimes swipe around as you navigate the environments, just like the original. You will talk to the characters, and although the user interface has been updated, the text and choices all look the same Final Fantasy 7.

Once in combat, character models jump into the next generation of an active time battle system that also appears to be just a modified version of what the classic PlayStation 1 had. We see combinations of up to three characters with HP and MP bars, as well as an ATB scale that dictates who can act and when. However, unlike the original and more like remake, An ATB bar is not a single bar that you wait to fill completely before taking any action. Instead, they are divided into segments, with different charms and abilities costing different amounts.

In the footage we’ve seen, there are seven bars that fill up, with abilities like Armor Break for Cloud costing two bars and Curaga costing one for Aerith.

Outside of the main story, there will also be additional dungeons and encounters to encounter while waiting for new chapters to be released. These challenges can be faced with any characters the player wants, including teams of characters that could not have interacted before from different titles and times.

Besides, we’ve seen a lot of new clothes and weapons for the characters that we haven’t seen before. This is likely related to in-app purchases, unfortunately, rather than rewards or items that you can buy in the game itself. It has already been reported Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever Will contain loot chests in 2021. Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura MonumentThe monetized item is basically loot chests containing random weapons. Some special weapons also come as a set that includes new outfits that weren’t in the original games, adding a new way to enjoy the story you haven’t seen before.

We don’t know if you can get loot boxes using any method besides real money or how much it would cost if you weren’t. Again, we can only hope that these are not as predatory as most loot boxes have become and also not put players at a disadvantage if the said weapons are in fact more powerful than you can get by playing normally.


Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever It will be completely single player. This should come as no surprise given that it is based on a series of single-player games, as well as a mobile title.


Young Sephiroth standing in the fire.

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Ever It’s launching as a free title on mobile devices, so there’s no need to pre-order. Each chapter will be released for free as well, so all you have to do is check back to follow the story every month or so. Once we know when it will be launched, we will keep you posted on that as well.

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