How Miss Southern Basketball and Jay Ladner carried out a complete rebuild

Hattiesburg – Miss South Men’s basketball coach Jay Ladner spent his sabbatical giving the floor straight.

at 7-26, golden eagles It wasn’t a good season in 2021-22. Five of their top six scorers left through the transfer window after the season. Acknowledging these facts during discussions with potential additions, Ladner sold them on the opportunity.

Eight incoming diversions were ready to buy. The Golden Eagles completed an extensive rebuilding process over just a few months, retaining just five players from last season’s roster.

“We need to win,” Ladner said. “My manager didn’t tell me that. We can make all the excuses in the world, I’m no excuses. We’re going into our fourth season and we’re going to come out with two really tough seasons. The first year was what it was, we got here late. The last two years have been tough in terms of win and loss record, This is unacceptable.”