Jumbo Pack: Defensive line recruitment heats up faster than the weather

Let’s start with something very absurd, it actually exacerbates – Ohio State University is waging a decade-long intellectual property war in front of the US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the specific article, “the” – which, for reasons known only to ether (or perhaps graft), was somehow granted.

Rich Eisen, a UM alumnus and now the focus of NBC’s digital coverage He has some ideas. very funny.

Ignoring prior art, the lack of any transformational use, or the fact that allowing a trademark for “the” does not reduce confusion between trademarks, but rather enhances it, which is quite unusual, strange, and weakens intellectual property law for further later attempts by other actors.

And she’s 100% on the Big 10 clowns’ brand.

Speaking of the Buckeyes, Alabama really needs to run in Brian Hartline, OSU’s WRC – I dunno’, make it OC or Assoc. Head coach and pay him a million dollars. But the man cooks. He’s now earned two of two of the three WRs in the 2023 class (both 5-star), and a No. 6 WR as well.

Fortunately, it’s a site that never lacks quality and depth of quality, but when you hit 50% of your top 6 passers, it mirrors your other offensive recruits. And it’s not as though OSU particularly needs help, ranking second over the past decade in compound enlistment, behind only Alabama.

This will be our focus today – recruitment.

While we are on the subject of employment, As Brent wrote yesterday, Gump dayAnd the The 2023 class numbers will be small: For the first time in 20 years, Alabama’s lower-tier NFL and seniors haven’t bled on a state farm. So, who are the remaining tide targets for a thin class?

BOL takes a stab at it, looking at five players.

DL Peter Woods is one of the guys I’ve been keeping an eye on. It’s ‘Bama lean, but Clemson is trying as hard as he can to lock in the best DL class in the country, and he’s having some success as well. It will be a tough race until December to see if Alabama’s strong ties and ties win with Woods…or whether Dabo’s piggy bank and secured start-up affect him.

Peter Woods5-star DL, Alabaster (Ala.) Thompson

Woods will make a decision on July 8, and while he has one of the top four spots, he is believed to be returning to Alabama against Clemson due to a talented streak of defense. Woods went to Tuscaloosa a dozen times throughout his enlistment. He was in Clemson earlier this month for an official visit. While many have predicted tides over the years, tigers have kept things close here below the stretch. Relationships, and proximity, among many other aspects will keep UA in a strong fray.

247 Sports Scout Report:

“He has a decent size at 6 feet 3 and 259 lbs. The tweener framework, the position of the projection will be determined by the growth potential. Shows good athletic ability across multiple positions on the defensive line. Demonstrates the ability to play with a two-point stance in a longitudinal turn and his hand on the ground in multiple defensive fronts.

The explosive athlete’s quick twitch is an excellent first step off the line of scrimmage. Displays a natural ability to bend an edge and demonstrates the ability to quickly transition to power. Shows good playing power at the point of attack and shows anchor ability as a running defender. It has excellent running and stalking ability with the ability to quickly close space.

An explosive player who can be used in multiple defensive alignments and has some ability to rush situational passes off the edge. More than likely he will play with his hand in the ground at the next level. He has an excellent engine with a mix of good physical traits. It will need a year to develop at the next level, but it has the potential to develop into a high-impact start-up at the university level.”

Speaking of interesting recruits, Saban camp hosted a fast rising streak man from Frankfurt, Germany. He’s commuting to the US to play HS ball, before the obvious fast-tracking of the NIL gravy train and then the fortunes of the pros, But everything about this kid looks really interesting:

Beigel, a native of Frankfurt, Germany, is a rookie high school student. He’s moving to Wallingford, Connecticut, to spend his final year in high school to attend Choate Rosemary Hall to prepare for college and continue to make waves on the employment front.

He stands at 6 feet 5 feet tall and weighs 282 lbs and plays in both attack and defense while continuing to get acquainted with American football.

Beigel came to Tuscaloosa as part of PPI Recruits Dreamchasers College Tour. Founded by Brandon Collier in 2017, PPI Recruits specializes in helping European high school students trying to obtain college football scholarships.

“He’s a former soccer player, very light on his feet,” PPI founder Brandon Collier told Steve Weltfung of 247Sports. “He runs in low 4.9s in his 40s. An athletic kid who is big and wide, and has plenty of room to grow. I think for the next couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised if his body takes him to offensive tackle or d tackle. He is recruited by both positions. His feet and feet are great It is difficult to find his athletic ability for his size at the high school level.”

The latest nugget of Crootin’s news, and it’s about a long-term target the tides have been gasping for two years now: Riley Williams, number two in the country, TE. Williams finally picked a date to commit: July 1.

He’s visited each in the past three weeks, stopping in at Tuscaloosa on June 3. Williams’ primary Alabama recruits are listed as Holmon Wiggins and tight ends coach Jo Cox. Few programs outside the region have looked to the Northwest for soccer recruits. (In the past five years, no SEC school has ever had an Oregon player.) But it seems that Williams is out of the ordinary.

247Sports Composite ranked Williams 66th nationally, and second only to 2nd. His 6-foot-6, 230-pound frame helped him dominate with the Rams. As a junior, Williams had 36 assists, for a total of 889 yards and 14 touchdowns as Central Catholics netted 14-0. It stands out as a permanent blocker of the ultimate streak with improved sportiness.

The dominant narrow finish would really help this offense, especially giving options at the seams. It’s been a crucial absence since the departure of Irv Smith, the last of Tide’s elite. God knows, they got last season’s looks, but in Lato’s hands and Billboard’s apathy, that was a weak link.

Have you ever seen companions stranger than this?

The P12 and SEC are both now on public record stating that the NCAA should not oversee the college football league. Whether it will include all FBS teams remains in doubt, and whether the CFP structure is part of the path going forward is still an open question, but getting West Coast on board basically means that this deal will be ready sooner rather than later.

Kliavkoff’s comments arrive at a time when major college football is dealing with very general and unprecedented issues–most notably in the form of name, image and likeness monetization opportunities for student-athletes and the NCAA’s still-developing transfer portal.

He says he found strong support among the power brokers in college athletics.

“I’ve had conversations with several FBS commissioners, and I’ve been surprised at the collective support for the idea among the people I’ve spoken to about taking football rule-making and enforcement out of the NCAA and investing in a 10-conference-managed organization (a subdivision of football).”

And it’s hard to blame anyone for wanting to break free from the NCAA in that regard, too. Emmert’s tenure was a disaster for college athletics, and in particular he was so slow to respond to the legal and regulatory landscape that supervisors put out fires for a decade. In fact, his stalling and double driving is a large part of Why Legal and regulatory frameworks are now wreaking havoc.


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