MEGADETH ANNOUNCE “The sick, the dying…and the dead!” The album, shares the song “We’ll Be Back” single

Mega Summer will culminate in a successful world tour with the release of her highly anticipated 16th studio album, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!”on September 2, via UMe. Featuring twelve new tracks, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!” It will be made available on CD, vinyl, and cassette tapes, as well as digitally through all online partners. There will also be a limited deluxe 2LP edition, 12-track album compressed on 180g black vinyl in a numbered Getfold jacket with 12×24 lyrics/credits inserts, lenticular vinyl lithography and a 7-inch bonus feature. “we will be back” And side B is not presented “The Conjuring (live)”. The Limited Deluxe Edition can only be purchased via MegaThe official online store, by vinyl sound And the explore.

The first song released by “The sick, the dying…and the dead!” He is ferocious, intrinsically Mega a path “we will be back”which is accompanied by the world premiere of “We’ll Be Back: Chapter One”An epic, action-packed short film dating the origins Megamascot, Vic Rattlehead. produced by Dave MustaineAnd the “We’ll Be Back: Chapter One” It is a soldier’s story about courage, personal sacrifice and the will to survive. It’s the first batch of a trilogy of video clips to be released concurrently with the release of the new album “The sick, the dying…and the dead!”

“The sick, the dying…and the dead!” consolidates an angry return to the form that began with Grammyhe won “Corrupt City Literature”while pushing forward musically and labeling mustineThe final victory over throat cancer. Insight reunion Mega Leader and Architect Dave Mustaine with co-producer Chris Rakestru (DanzigAnd the Parkway drive), who helped together in 2016 “Corrupt City Literature”The album was recorded in mustineHome studio in Nashville, Tennessee, with guitarist Kiko Loreiro and drummer Dirk Fairbourne. bassist Steve DiGiorgio Temporarily intervened to record the album. with kick off Megahis last round, Mega Alumni James Lomenzo he returned to Mega The family as a permanent bass player.

“For the first time in a long time, everything we need in this registry is in place,” he said. Dave Mustaine Enthusiastic. “I can’t wait for the audience to get this!”

featuring some mustineStronger songwriting with the incorporation of writing from the rest of the band as well, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!” It combines everything that is exhilarating and distinctive Mega. From anger rebound ulcers “Night stalkers” (token ice tea) and the first one “we will be back”to a medium tempo and more melody “Continue persistently!” And a very personal title track, with its captivating twists and turns. “The sick, the dying…and the dead!” Also contains a cover Dead KennedysPolice Truck And the Sami Hajar‘s “This planet is burning”the latter includes vocals by He immigrated Himself.

“The sick, the dying…and the dead!” It blends high-speed rebellion, highly complex solos, and the adventurous spirit for which the quartet is known, all blended with distinctive subtlety and precision. mustineSingular sardonic growl. This album combines all the overwhelming musical forms that have been made Mega Both repeat metal disruption and flag bearers of a venerable type.

mustine talk about “Night stalkers” In an interview earlier this year with Jose Mangin From SiriusXM Liquid Metal. He said, “It’s a tough song, I don’t remember if it’s the fastest song [on the new album] or not. But “Night stalkers” It’s about the 160th Battalion with the United States Army, and all the black ops helicopters that go in at night – no one knows they’re there; They are inside, they are outside. And I had a friend ice tea Join me in a segment in the middle of it, because ice He was an Army Ranger, and he did a couple of tours in Afghanistan, I think. I think that was in ’91, when I first met him. It might have been a little earlier, but I know he was a keeper. And I just did something on his last record. But when I asked him, I thought it would be great to be around because of his bravery and then the fact that he had real credibility as a person who was there. And then we have many other players to take part in the path just to make it as real as possible. We’re going up to the base to shoot a bunch of footage, helicopter sounds and things like that. We have three videos we’re making for this record right now in Brazil, and we’re bringing all that production and material from the base, with helicopters and everything together, to make this first video of three progressing songs.”

Regarding He immigratedcontribution to “This planet is burning”And the mustine Tell SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk”: “It’s a very heavy song. And the good thing about that is [is] We didn’t just do the song; [Sammy] Played it too. So we have a little guitar. We have a lot to sing. I think it’s very difficult.”

As for the Megacoverage decision Police TruckAnd the mustine He said, “It’s no secret I’m old Dead Kennedys Fan, I would have wanted to do Vacation in Cambodiabut my friends in Almond Rocket I did it, and I felt it [I would] Just let them get their glory from that song, and if the time comes, I’m sure another song will stick with it. And there it was – the song was Police Truck. So we recorded it.”

“The sick, the dying…and the dead!” Playlist:

01. Dying sick.. and dead!
02. life in hell
03. night chasers (feat. Ice T)
04. Chernobyl dogs
05. health
06. addicted
07. psychopathy
08. killing time
09. Continue with perseverance!
10. Célebutante
11. Mission to Mars
12. we will be back
13. police truck (DEAD KENNEDYS COVER)
14. This planet is burning (burning in hell) (cover by Sami Hager) (with Sami Hager)

earlier this year, mustine confirmed that Digiorgio Put on bass tracks “The sick, the dying…and the dead!”

There has been speculation about DigiorgioShare in the new Mega LP since last July, based on a a barrier video mustine The recorder in which he gave his first glimpse of the guitarist who re-recorded it David ElefsonThe bass on the long-awaited sound Mega efforts.

Digiorgio He is widely known as a pioneer of bass fretboard in heavy metal music, having played with him certificateAnd the the death And the Sadnes, among other things. Within this type, Steve He is respected for his amazing playing skills, versatility and techniques. He has over 40 studio album recordings and over 20 years of touring around the world.

Last month , Mega Bass player announced James Lomenzo As a permanent member of the band. Lomenzo I was MegaA bass player in the mid-2000s and has recently returned as a touring member of “Mineral Tour of the Year”.

Lomenzo join Mega in 2006 and appeared on two of the group’s studio albums, 2007 “United Abominations” and 2009 “game over”. He was separated from the group in 2010 and replaced with the original comeback Mega Guitar player David Elefson.

In addition to MegaAnd the Lomenzo played with Ozzy OsbourneAnd the Zack Wilde And the white lion. Over the past nine years, Lomenzo He was performing with the famous rock band John Fogerty.

Lomenzo He played his first show with Mega At nearly 12 years ago this past August in Austin, Texas. The concert took place three months later Elefsondismissal from Mega After posting sexually immoral messages and explicit videos of him Twitter.

Elefson Laying on bus tracks Mega16th LP in May 2020 at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee. After a short time, he was cheering his performance on the recording, telling 96.7 KCAL-FM radio show “Wired in the Empire” That his musical chemistry Verbiorin It was similar to the interaction between Jedi Lee And the Neil Burt on the classic Accelerates albums. “I feel like I’m new Mega record me and Dirk “I have those same moments,” he said. Mega – it’s not Accelerates, obviously — but in the realm of what we do, there were these moments where I was just going, “Oh, my God.” This is me when I was a kid going, ‘This is my country Jedi/Nile moment here. “

In June 2021, mustine announced during his episode Radio Gimme a program “The Dave Mustaine Show” who – which ElefsonBus lanes will not be used on the new Mega LP.

Elefson was in Mega From the band’s debut in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until his last departure.

Mega It recently revealed its roadmap in the web3 space, expanding its offering cyber army Fan club experiences. The first NFT drop will be a generative set called “Rattle Heads”Inspired by nearly 40 years of creativity Vic Rattlehead Themes and pictures.