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Seth Meyers He’s been open about how NBC’s remote versions work in late Time of night During the COVID-19 pandemic the show finally benefited.

But while he’s since returned to host the show from 30 studio rock, he’s continued to wear his casual, pandemic-era wardrobe.

“We made a choice not to go back to wearing suits, mostly because the show will start at 12:30 [at night] “And I don’t think anyone watching is wearing a fucking suit,” Myers told his predecessor. Saturday Night Live His co-worker Aidy Bryant during a talk at Tribeca Festival last week. “If people wear suits in their house at 12:30, I will wear my suits again.”

in late Time of night It was also one of the late-night shows to bring back live audiences, but the crowds returned in October 2021, and Myers said, during an audience question-and-answer session after his conversation with Bryant, the time seemed right.

“We didn’t quite know what we were saying by not being there [a live audience]Myers said. “And I also think we felt like we were clinging to something epidemic after it went away, like somebody was like, ‘I’m going to stay in this cabin in the woods. I think that’s who I am now.”

Myers also repeated in late Time of night “The “Daytime Drinking” segment, which the host told Bryant it was a lively experience to record.

“I get really nervous, I really do, because I love my show that it’s completely written, and I feel like I have the mind of a writer, even though I come from improvisation,” Myers said. “I would love to know what the plan would be, and with ‘daytime drinking,’ you can’t. So the good news is I get really stressed out when it starts, and then I kill that part of my head with alcohol.”

Even after that, Myers said he couldn’t watch the initial version of the clip. “When the first part comes out, I watch producer Mike Shoemaker first. I’m like, ‘You have to watch it first and tell me it’s okay. I don’t want to watch it if it’s going to be a bad show.'”

Last Thanksgiving, Myers was also able to continue his tradition of having family members as studio guests in late Time of night “The Thanksgiving episode, which he told Bryant is the highest-rated episode on the show this year, but not for the reason his parents think.

“The Thanksgiving Show is always our top rated show of the year because NBC has the football game late on Thanksgiving. So it’s just huge ratings compared to the rest of the year.” “Someone made the mistake of telling my parents, and they don’t want to hear part of the football. Like I just heard my mom say, ‘It’s the highest rated show of the year,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s not because of you guys.'”

Myers and Bryant also looked back at their time together SNLwhere Bryant praised his rewriting abilities and guidance.

“He was really the most generous, kind, and really helpful. I was always so moved because Seth was reading the script of every writer, every cast member on a Tuesday night at like five in the morning,” she said. And to give people like, ‘Oh, maybe cut this out’ or ‘Punch this,’ here are some jokes for this page. “Not everyone does that. It really changed my life, and how I learned to write was from you.”

Myers also admitted that he enjoyed working on rewriting the “really funny” pieces of comedy so much that he used to stretch the process.

“I thought people would spot me because I wanted to rewrite because that was my favorite part of the week, just being at the table with fun people,” he said. “This was before I got married and had kids, and people who got married and had kids were like, ‘Hey, buddy, we should go home to our families. And I said, “That’s so much fun!”