QC Kinetix stands out as the Best Center for Regenerative Medicine in Aurora, Colorado

QC Kinetix (Aurora) has transformed the conversation about chronic pain in Aurora, CO, with its advanced, cost-effective regenerative medicine. Non-surgical chronic pain treatment offers many health benefits, including shorter recovery periods, improved function and range of motion, eliminating the need for anesthesia, and promoting natural healing.

Aurora, Colorado – (NewMediaWire) – June 23, 2022 – via QC Kinetix – QC Kinetix (Aurora) has increased risk in treating chronic pain and sports injuries in Aurora, CO, with its cost-effective, non-surgical regenerative medicine. The cutting-edge new treatment has been tested and found to be effective in treating back pain, treating shoulder pain, treating knee pain, and more. The documented benefits of alternative medicine are shorter recovery time, treatment without anesthesia, and improved function and range of motion. QC Kinetix (Aurora) Deployed experienced, board-certified physicians to oversee the administration of biological treatments. The patient experience in the clinic is enhanced by the provision of a personalized, level concierge service that comes with a customized treatment plan. A treatment plan is developed only after the patient has undergone a thorough examination. The patient must be 21 years of age or older to undergo treatment.

The creation of QC Kinetix (Aurora) bodes well for patients who have had to deal with chronic pain and endless sports injuries. Biological treatments are ideal for traditional hip surgery, knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery because they target areas of weak joints, ligaments and muscle pain. Regardless of pain conditions, many patients treated in the clinic reported lasting relief. Treatment also eliminates the need for expensive and sometimes addictive pain relievers for chronic pain and sports injuries. The QC Kinetix (Aurora) medical team is happy to help patients restore their good health in the shortest possible time to improve their quality of life.

Regenerative medicine from medical providers at QC Kinetix (Aurora) stimulates the body’s natural healing potential to deliver better treatment outcomes and faster results without the side effects common with conventional treatments. Experienced pain management physicians are trained to deal with various chronic pain conditions and chronic injuries. For example, the clinic takes care of various back pain caused by poor posture, pregnancy, lifting heavy objects, sports injuries, and more. On the other hand, QC Kinetix (Aurora) Long-Term Joint Pain Treatment targets pain from arthritis, sports injuries, and other debilitating joint conditions to enhance joint function and movement. Their comprehensive treatment covers large joints (shoulders, back, knees) and small joints (feet, hands, wrists and ankles). Treatment providers also undergo regular training to equip them with the latest skills to provide the best possible care to patients and keep abreast of developments in biological treatments.

There are two physiotherapy protocols for pain control offered at QC Kinetix (Aurora) which are the Class IV laser and the physiotherapy protocol. The fast and effective Class IV laser provides much-needed relief against joint pain. During treatment, non-invasive laser energy is applied to the area where pain is felt to create a photochemical response that works effectively to improve function and movement. Other benefits of targeted therapy include reducing pain and inflammation, stimulating damaged tissue, and enhancing oxygen circulation. The clinic’s physical therapy protocols effectively manage joint and soft tissue pain. Natural healing processes stimulate the body’s ability to self-heal to promote repair and recovery.

Patients can seek regenerative therapy if they have a variety of conditions, such as limited joint movement, spasticity and discomfort, joint swelling and stiffness, difficulty completing daily tasks, and more. Symptoms of spasticity and discomfort can occur in the event of an accident or recent injury. Weaknesses in the body can deal a devastating blow to the patient and make it difficult to walk, sit or stand without any form of assistance. Another common cause of cramping and discomfort is aging. The doctors working in the clinic have extensive experience in dealing with pain and will do everything in their power to provide long-term treatment. As part of therapy and stress to promote wellness, QC Kinetix (Aurora) provides joint pain relief supplements. Men’s nutritional supplements are designed to boost stamina, increase energy levels, and ensure optimal performance, among other benefits.

to me Learn more about their Aurora Desk and its treatment protocols, or to speak to the pain control medical team at QC Kinetix (Aurora), call (303) 900-8986. Their office is located at 1550 S Potomac St, Suite 320, Aurora, CO, 80012, US. There are QC Kinetix clinics located across the country in various cities, including Raleigh, Independence, Savannah and Austin. Once the request for the free consultation is submitted, the representative will return to the patients as soon as possible. The doctor will discuss treatment options, perform tests and guide patients through the process.

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