State TV allows sinister master plan for American prisoners in Russia

The The anti-American atmosphere in RussiaOff the charts and now, Americans who have had misfortune in Russian captivity are used as pawns in the Kremlin’s cruel game. basketball star Britney Greiner, Detained in Russia on alleged drug charges, as well as two US veterans captured by Russian forces in Ukraine last week –Alexander Drewic and Andy HuynhThey are portrayed by the Kremlin-controlled state media as bargaining chips in the Russian crusade against the West.

With Graner’s prison extension, the US State Department reclassified her status to “unjustly held,” meaning that her case was placed under the supervision of the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov criticized the designation, telling NBC News: “You broke Russian law, and now she is being prosecuted. It’s not about being a hostage.”

Despite the Kremlin’s denials, the Russian media machine changed its tune when it came to Greiner. On Tuesday, a state-funded TV show host 60 minutes “Right now, we also have an American basketball player who has been arrested for drugs, so we have a kind of exchange box,” Olga Scapeva said. Back in May, without naming its source in the Public Oversight Committee of the Moscow Region, tast mentioned Negotiations on exchanging Greiner with Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout are moving forward actively.

The Kremlin has long been determined to release some Russians in US custody by arresting Americans who can later be exchanged. In July of 2018, Russian MP Leonid Kalashnikov hung About the arrest of the convicted Russian spy Maria Butina on 60 minutes, proposing: “Let’s arrest an American here and that’s it…They arrested Butina, let’s immediately arrest some Americanshka here.” The same idea has been brought up time and time again on many state television programmes.

During Tuesday’s broadcast 60 minutes, a member of the State Duma, Alexei Zhuravlyov, deliberately mispronounced the last names of Drueke and Huynh in a manner resembling obscene expressions. Zuravliov described the American prisoners of war captured in Ukraine as “stupid Americans,” and said he cared little about their fate: “They must either be liquidated or replaced. [Viktor] fit. We need to get our citizens out of America. Thank God, we have such opportunities.”

Back in 2019, after Butina was released from US custody, state TV host Yevgeny Popov Tell The Daily Beast that Victor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko will soon follow suit and return to Russia. Yaroshenko was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine into the United States. In April of 2022, he was exchanged in the prisoner trade with former US Marine Trevor Reed, who was imprisoned in Russia for assaulting the police.

Aside from being mentioned as leverage to extract wanted Russian prisoners from the United States, Britney Greiner has received very limited publicity seven times in the Russian state media. It embodies the trilogy of prejudices often displayed by state Kremlin TV mouthpieces, including racism, homophobia and apparent anti-American tendencies. For example, state TV propagandists Karen-Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, routinely describes her as a “dark-skinned lesbian,” with state TV host Evgeny Popov. anticipation That it would be replaced within months by a “white heterosexual male”. Vladimir Solovyov, a popular state TV presenter The evening with Vladimir Solovyovalong with his guests, routinely refers to Jean-Pierre as “Chunga-Changa”, a diminutive and racist reference to Soviet caricatures. take photo A resident of the Black Islands.

During Wednesday’s interview with Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Solovyov, wearing a red jacket adorned with the Soviet hammer and sickle, complained: “Western hysteria does not stop for a moment. The world has never seen such an insane level of Russophobia.” Zakharova agreed and added: “Evil is not omnipotent. They will get a harsh response in return. In the past we have hindered diplomatic correctness, but now we are responding in ways that benefit us, first of all … in the first place, we will think of our compatriots … [Westerners] Sick and afflicted with xenophobia, racism and nationalism.”

The Americans and British started this fire and they should burn in it.

Tensions escalated on Wednesday morning 60 minutesDuring a discussion about the diplomatic employee of the US Naval Attaché in Moscow who It said Take a picture of the Russia “Z” symbol representing the invasion of Ukraine, along with a gesture with your extended middle finger. The legislator Zhuravlyov was angry: “Let this bitch out again. We will find him. Come from the embassy, ​​get out. I will personally explain to you, you bastard, what kind of country you live in and how you are supposed to deal with these symbols. This is a direct threat,” Zhuravlyov continued: From me, a direct threat… I can spit on him [diplomatic] immunity.”

They pin their hopes on trump And US Republicans, Russian lawmakers and major critics have repeatedly emphasized desire To see the Republican Party expel the Democrats in the middle of the term, and Biden during the next presidential election. Appearing on Wednesday’s broadcast The evening with Vladimir SolovyovParticipants offered an idea of ​​how American prisoners of war played a role in the defeat of the Democrats in the midterm elections.

Host Vladimir Solovyov thought out loud: “How will it be [the US and the UK] Reply if Donetsk [People’s] The Republic sentences foreign mercenaries to death – Americans and British – and carries out executions? Political scientist Dmitry Evstafiev said: “And what if this was done a day before the congressional elections? I think that would be politically correct…but in reality, it’s not just about shooting some Americans. The issue is not letting the Americans flee from the Great European War, but rather dragging them into it. Every day every American should know that the new 15 cents added to the price of gas because Biden went to war. We need to intensify our efforts to draw the Americans into it…America and Great Britain must be burned in this conflict.”

Evstafiev asserted grimly: “The Americans and the British set this fire and they should burn in it.”