The ransomware attack caused a continuous outage of the internet and phone system at Napa Valley College | local news

Edward Booth And the Howard Young The Napa Valley College website and network systems were disrupted as a result of a ransomware attack nearly two weeks ago, a school spokesperson confirmed. It was still dark as of Saturday afternoon, as NVC continued an investigation that began shortly after the site disappeared from the Internet … Read more

Pierce County identifies potential broadband improvement areas

The slow internet speeds on the Key Peninsula have made the Key Center branch of the Pierce County Library System a magnet for patrons seeking faster WiFi, supervising librarian Corinne Weatherly said in 2019. ) faster and more efficient. ” Drew Perrin It’s a problem that Mark Cockrell knows all too well. As a … Read more

How to use Google Password Manager on the encryption device

picture: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP (Getty Images) Ultimately, Google and other big tech companies want it dispense with passwords Exactly, but until that day comes, a Google Password Manager feature called On-Device Encryption might be your best bet for protecting your precious codes. Even though she quietly walked out earlier this springNow you can easily access the … Read more

Nanoparticles that control the flow of light could mean a faster, cheaper internet

Imagine a window with a picture engraved on its surface, but when you walk around the other side, the picture is completely different. the main points: Nanoengineering addresses the path in which light travels through matter This allows two distinct images to be seen when viewed from opposite sides “Nonlinear optics” could have applications in … Read more

Why social media makes people unhappy – and simple ways to fix it

interrupted sleepAnd the Low life satisfaction And the lack of self-respect They are just a few of the negative mental health consequences that research has linked to social media. Somehow the same platforms that can help people feel more connected Knowledge also contributes to loneliness and misinformation. Computer scientists argue that what succeeds and fails … Read more

Crafton’s latest ‘AI’ woman recycles usual sexual orbits

picture: Crafton When I first saw Anna, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Publisher Krafton’s attempt to put a face on his “virtual human” synthetic technology, I was disappointed to see that this supposed Web 3.0 innovation was in fact just another beautiful, pale girl. It’s been sprayed with air, but it’s still tangible. She bites her tongue and … Read more

Vivatech International Fair in France Shows the World Leaders in Web3 Frontier

The annual Vivatech trade fair in Paris kicks off until Saturday. Four days of conferences and exchanges around Web3, the new generation of Internet technology, addressing innovations such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and of course the latest hype known as the Metaverse. In the history of the Internet, Web 1.0 was a breakthrough in sharing … Read more

Amazon Influencer Program Attracts Social Media Stars

Social media creator Sivan Ayla hosted a workshop on the Amazon Influencer Program on a recent paid vacation in Mexico. Amazon Influencer For three days in May, more than a dozen Instagram, YouTube and TikTok stars gathered in the coastal city of Todos Santos, Mexico, where they enjoyed sunset dinners and spa sessions. It’s the … Read more

The Meta takes another subtle step into the extremely massive metaverse

Meta Platforms Inc. has taken Another subtle step toward reinventing it when it changed its stock ticker symbol this week to “META” from “FB”. The parent company of Facebook META, -4.86% It has spent the past few months shifting investors’ focus to its long-term strategy, particularly its push into the metaverse, a bloated network of … Read more