Experts say resist the urge to “rescue” young wild animals

Raleigh, North Carolina – As spring approaches, wildlife officials are urging residents to resist the urge to take in, move, or even feed the young animals that might otherwise occur in the wild. When people venture outside into nature or even their home gardens, some may encounter baby rabbits, veld or fledgling birds mistakenly believed … Read more

The big donation to the new dental school benefits a country that needs more dentists

North Carolina gets its third dental school in 2023. GT North Carolina’s newest dental school recently received a major boost with the May 9 announcement of a $32 million donation from the Rick and Angie Workman Foundation. North Carolina, the ninth most populous state and among the fastest growing states, currently has two dental schools … Read more

Falwell spurs bipartisan medical debt reform bill in NC | government and politics

A bipartisan healthcare consumer protection bill has been introduced to the state assembly on the will of State Treasurer Dale Fulwell. House Bill 1039, presented Tuesday, entitled “Medical Debt Disarmament Act.” The primary sponsors are Democrats Howard Hunter of Hertford and Billy Richardson of Cumberland and Republicans Ed Goodwin of Chuan and Bobby Hennig of … Read more