How does gut microbiota affect mental health in 18-25 year olds?

In an article recently published in International Journal of Molecular Sciencesscientists described the importance of the gut-small-microbial axis in establishing optimal mental health in emerging adulthood (18-25 years). Stady: Drugs, guts, brains, but not rock ‘n’ roll: the need to consider the role of the gut microbiota in contemporary mental health and the wellness of … Read more

Eat and exercise well to prevent sarcopenia

“Sarcopenia—a complicated name for something we already know about,” says registered dietitian Norine Roche. While it is normal to lose some muscle mass due to aging, sarcopenia is characterized by a severe decrease in muscle mass and mass, which greatly affects the quality of life. Before you decide that this does not apply to you, … Read more