Experts say losing pension value in stock market crash may not be cause for panic

There is growing concern among some Australian retirees amid the recent downturn in the Australian stock market. the main points: Stock market moves affect pensions because the two are closely related Financial experts say the quality of popular Australian shares has not changed and is likely to rebound in value The Australian stock market could … Read more

Inflation shock plunges the stock market: What investors need to know

From Wall Street to Main Street, fears that the US economy might slip into a 1970s-style “stagflation” pattern were spreading. References to the sticky situation have been in the headlines all week. Associated Press He called it “the word ‘frightening’.” The Wall Street Journal It reminds readers of the origins of the new doctrine as … Read more

Why The Dow Has Finally Rebounded—And What It Will Take To Prove It’s Real

Finally, a little pre-summer delight made its way to the stock market the previous week Memorial Daybut it will likely take more than a week of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s first gain since late March to convince pesky investors that the pain is past. what happened? Real or inflation-adjusted interest rates have fallen over … Read more