What do you know about ‘inflation relief’ payments?

Recent mass shootings. New night, a provisional agreement has been reached between the governors of the news and the lawyers on gas tax relief. The agreement will save families up to $1,050 off SkyRocket fares at the pump. Here’s how the three separate layers fall apart. Individual recipients who make $75,000 or less or fewer … Read more

Medical debt bill can provide free, deeply discounted care to poor and low-income families | government and politics

There is language that can provide free medical care or significant financial discounts to low-income families. House Bill 1039titled Medical Debt Disarmament Act, was introduced on May 24 at the request of Republican State Treasurer Dale Fulwell. According to a statement from Fulwell, Bill’s mission It is “the creation of a pro-family, anti-poverty, and consumer … Read more