Vermonters For Good Government announces spokesperson partnership

Vermonters For Good Government (VFGG) is honored to announce a new partnership.

Representative Ann Donahue is joining efforts to help VFGG educate voters about 5/Section 22 lawsuit issues across Vermont through various means over the coming months. VFGG is very excited to have one of the state’s most knowledgeable and objective legislators offer its unique and authoritative insight through comments, interviews, speaking engagements, and (hopefully) discussions over the coming months.

Representative Ann Donahue has been a Vermont legislator since 2003, and currently serves as the vice chair of the Health Care Committee and represents Northfield and Berlin. She is from a multi-generational family in Vermont. Ann is known as a mental health advocate, a passion that stemmed from her own experiences with serious mental illness in the 1990s. A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, she has spent many years working with youth, including running nationally recognized street outreach programs for runaway and homeless youth in New York City and Los Angeles.

Annisa Lamberton, current spokeswoman for VFGG, who will continue to do the talking posts, welcomes the expert “reinforcement.”

“We are thrilled that Representative Donahue will take a leading role in educating Vermonters about the hidden dangers of Article 22. We have a huge task ahead of us; many Vermonters have just heard Article 22 for the first time and haven’t been told the full story about the implications of a vaguely worded constitutional amendment.

“She has had a front-row seat in the process and has a strong desire to fulfill her legislative responsibilities to make sure Vermont voters truly understand what Article 22 means for all of us,” Anisa said.

Representative Donahoe was in the thick of things during the legislative phase of the constitutional amendment process in the statehouse. I have sounded the alarm many times on issues arising from poorly crafted legal language. It has raised these concerns inside the statehouse and in public places.

In a comment (link for reference Regarding Protecting the Conscience of Medical Workers, which was published across the state in January of this year, Rep. Donahoe wrote;

“There should be deep concern about the impact of Proposition 5 on our state’s hospitals, healthcare delivery and workforce crisis by eliminating these safeguards.

There are inaccuracies about the scope and purpose of this constitutional amendment, … which describe its purpose as “the protection of abortion rights enshrined in the 1973 US Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade.”

In fact, the unusual wording of the Constitutional Amendment would do three main things:
• Would protect any abortion for any reason up to the moment of birth (as opposed to the balance of state interests established in Roe for third-trimester pregnancies), and would likely render any single hospital abortion policies void, including care conflict policies.
• Protection will be extended to any health care service related to “personal reproductive autonomy” with no known definition of the extent of this concept.
• Any discussion of this upper bound on what constitutes an “urgent state interest” will be referred to the Vermont courts.

He is not offering a final word, but rather will be subject to any number of court interpretations in the future.”

Matthew Strong, CEO of VFGG, also praised the new partnership.

Donahue’s offer to help in our efforts is a sign of our momentum and we are honored to help her. She has deep knowledge of healthcare policies, very important legal training and understanding, and she is one of the most careful thinkers in the statehouse. She is also not afraid to take potentially fraught situations. risk or conflict with pre-established concepts.

“She’s more concerned about the real-world ramifications of the bills she votes on than just voting on party lines, and that speaks to the heart of the issue for us at VFGG,” Matthew said.

If you would like to schedule Rep. Anne Donahoe (or Annisa Lamberton or Matthew Strong) to participate in a speaking, Q&A, interview, commentary for all media formats, or a moderate public discussion, please feel free to contact Matthew Strong via email at [email protected]

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