With Vasilevskiy’s leadership, Lightning was strong on the ice at home

The Bolts won an eight-game franchise record at the AMALIE Arena, outperforming their opponents 33-13 during the eight-game period. Andrei Vasilevsky He was particularly sharp on home ice, stopping 254 of 267 shots during those eight games for 951 saves.

Vasilevskiy was a big reason for Lightning’s win in Game 3, as he made some big balls at the crucial moments. As Tampa Bay coach John Cooper has said in the past, many of the most important saves in a game depend on its timing, and Vasilevsky is constantly on the move and making huge saves at the biggest moments. After Monday’s win, Vasilevsky pushed his playoff win to 62, his 14th in National Hockey League history and one team behind Curtis Joseph, who is 13th with 63 eliminations game wins.

In the other curl, Colorado chess player Darcy Comber was knocked down after knocking out his fifth goal into the net. pat maroon. Avalanche coach Jared Bednar wouldn’t give a firm answer as to who the goalkeeper would start in Match 4 when asked on Wednesday morning, but it was Comber who trained in the net usually occupied by the goalkeeper in the early morning.

If there’s one area where Tampa Bay has a definite advantage over Colorado, it’s between the tubes. Over his last seven games, Kuemper has blocked 126 of 147 shots for 857 saves. Overall, he’s played in 13 games this post-season and scored 892 savings overall. Vasilevskiy, on the other hand, has a 0.920 save in 20 playoffs this year, and that includes him leaving a full 7-0 loss in Game 2 in Denver.

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“He’s consistent,” said Lightning striker Nick Ball. “He’s focused all the time. He’s always called in. That’s what makes him a good goalkeeper.

“There are no days off for him. He’s always focused. He takes everything seriously. Then, when it’s game time, you guys see.”

Usually, as the streak continues, Vasilevskiy gets better. It captures the opponent’s tendencies as Bolts simultaneously increase the level of their defensive play. Tampa Bay will need him to continue playing hard against the avalanche attack that has set historic records throughout the playoffs.

Colorado scores 4.59 goals per game in 17 games this post season. No team has averaged goals per game in the playoffs this century. Of the teams that have appeared in more than 10 post-season games in their respective seasons, only eight teams have scored an all-time average goal-per-game higher than this year’s Avalanche team.

But it is defense that wins championships.

After ceding five goals to Toronto in Matches 1 and 3 of the first round, the Lightning Leafs held three or fewer goals in three of the last four games of the series.

In the second round, Bolts stifled the Panthers’ high-octane attack, holding them to one target or less in all four games of the sweep series.

Tampa Bay allowed the Rangers to score six goals in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final. After that, they kept New York by three goals in a second game loss. Back in the ice house, Lightning flipped the whole streak. Rangers scored two goals in game 3 and managed to score one goal on the board in games 4, 5 and 6.

Will this trend of screws continue?

After a poor performance in Game 2, Tampa Bay held Colorado with two goals in Game Three and both scored in strong play. If Lightning can improve their discipline and play in penalty kicks, they will give themselves a great chance of winning matches.

“We got a few balls,” said the Tampa Bay striker. Pierre Edouard Bellemare. “The matches have to be a little more connected. Small mistakes immediately cost us big time.

“We will have to make sure that we are aware of our details and that we are as close to the perfect picture as possible.”

It’s great to have high strikes, but at the end of the day, the Stanley Cup winner is usually the team that can defend best. Lightning has experience and they know what they have to do to win, but the avalanche attack definitely provides the toughest test yet.

“We just have to focus on Tampa Bay Lightning,” Marron said after winning Game Three. “What we can control is the guys in that room get out there and play as best we can because if we play well, we’ll be fine.

“This game is out the window too. The score in a hockey game doesn’t matter.

“It’s only one game. See you later. Let’s move on to the next game. Now we just have to focus on the fourth game.”

Lightning can expect a big response from Colorado tonight. Game 3 was the first post-season road loss for Avalanche, who still only had three losses in all playoffs.

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“This group was really great for turning the page on whether it was a good thing or a bad thing,” Cooper said. “You look out for what’s ahead and the challenge is a team that is likely to be very determined.

“Did we buy ourselves another game from this series? We have, but we need to keep buying more and that will be by being more determined, even more than we were in the third game.”

On Wednesday morning, Cooper said that Brayden Point He will miss the second match in a row as he continues to recover from the lower body injury he sustained in the first round. Cuper added that he expects the squad to remain the same as it was in Game Three Nikita Kucherov He was injured near the end of the game on Monday and Nick Ball left the match towards the end of the first half with an apparent injury to his right leg before coming back and scoring on his first comeback. While they’re both definitely restless, it looks like they’ll be in the Tampa Bay lineup on Wednesday night. Riley Nashwho finished fourth in the absence of Point, is likely to return to the squad as well.

“Everyone is a player in the National Hockey League,” Bellemare said. “Everyone understands the system, and everyone can do the job.

“You just have to make sure you respond present if the call is made for you and I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.”

Nash was impressive in the third match. He only scored 7:01 once on the ice, but he made a positive impact when he got his chances and played a simple, error-free game. With plenty of twists and mistakes on her own end in games 1 and 2, Bolts took advantage of Nash’s quiet presence in the lineup.

“It’s just a whole real squad,” said Lightning, attacking. Alex Killorn. “We don’t have Pointer, who would normally be one of our top scorers, so the other players fill him in.

“That’s just what you have to do on the supplement tour, so I think we did a good job.”

In terms of avalanche injury, Nazim Qadri looks very close to returning to the squad. Bednar described Qadri as a “possibility” for Game 4, but the center of the second streak was taking reps of the team’s second strength unit in Wednesday’s morning skating. I think he will be back tonight.

My destiny would be a great addition to Colorado. He has 14 points in 13 playoffs this year, scored six goals and added eight assists.

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The avalanche made Lightning the biggest problem in the series with its speed on the front check. My destiny is a great skater, but will he be ready for physical and aggressive play about two weeks after thumb surgery? We may find out tonight.

Andrei Burakowski is staying out of Colorado and will not play in Game Four.

The must-see player in Game 4 is Ondrej Balat, who has scored a point in all nine home games this post-season. He has 13 points during that period of nine games with seven goals and six assists.

Overall, Balat has a career high of 19 points this post-season with 10 goals and nine assists. He’s scored five goals in his last seven games and scored points in six of his last seven games overall. Its ten goals are linked to it Stephen Stamkos Of all the surfers in Tampa Bay.

“It’s 2-1 now with another home game in our group,” Stamkos said. “Obviously we are very comfortable playing in front of our fans.

“It will be a challenge. They will respond now. We have seen this before with teams.

“We need to improve more.”